Eras Tour Phone Wallet

$ 14.99

Achieve a flawless phone experience with the Eras Tour Phone Wallet. This durable silicone wallet has a removable eras tour design that effortlessly cleans your phone screen. Enjoy Taylor Swift's catalog of albums including Red, Lover, Fearless, 1989, Folklore, Midnights, Speak Now, Reputation and Evermore! Keep your phone clean and stylishly accessorized.

Our Card Caddy Phone Wallet is an excellent way to keep up with credit cards, IDs, or cash without all the unwanted hassle of carrying a purse or normal wallet. And as an extra add on, the printed design is a microfiber screen cleaner, that is removable for a quick cleaning and then resticks when you are done!

Universal fit for any device.
Base and sides are made of black silicone.
Holds 2-3 cards.
The included 3M adhesive insures the wallet will not detach, and does not leave a residue if removed.
Actual size: 3.75" x 2.25" x .625"